English menu


Soup of the day € 6,50

French onion soup € 6,50

with a crouton au gratin with Beemster cheese

Classic French Escargots € 9,25

snails with herb butter and bread

Blinis with smoked salmon and herring caviar € 9,75

with crème fraîche, pickle and fresh fennel salad

Shrimp croquettes from Holtkamp (3 pieces) € 11,50

with lemon mayonnaise and fried parsley

Beef Tataki € 9,50

Japanese marinated beef with a tuile of sesame and chili, ponzu dressing, wakame salad and lemon mayonnaise

Beef carpaccio bonbon € 9,50

with truffle mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese

Parmesan Flan € 10,00

with spinach, crispy Parmesan and foam


Panzanella normal € 12,50 / small € 8,50

Italian bread salad with cherry tomatoes, capers, olives, arugula and basil

Thai salad normal € 13,50 / small € 9,50 

with two chicken spring rolls, Eastern dressing and mango chutney

Tagliata salad normal € 15,50 / small € 9,50

with steak strips, lemon, olive oil, arugula and Parmesan cheese

Poké bowl normal € 14,50 / small € 9,50 

with salmon, sushi rice, wakame seaweed and avocado


Tenderloin (180 grams) € 22,50  

The most tender piece of beef served with its own gravy, bread, fries and salad 

Mexican tacos (3 pieces) € 19,50

traditional Mexican tacos with stewed chicken, jalapeño’s, guacamole, crème fraîche and fresh tomato salad

Sea bream fillet baked on the skin € 24,50

with sauce antiboise and lukewarm tabbouleh

Mussel pan € 19,50

served with bread, chips, 2 cold sauces and salad

Argentinian steak (250 grams) € 26,50

served with chimichurri, fries and salad

“De Kade” burger, 100% beef burger € 15,50

with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, bbq sauce, fries and salad

Chicken saté € 15,50

with prawn crackers, acar, fries and salad

Slow cooked Iberico pork rack € 42,00

with Ratatouille, own gravy, fries and salad (2 persons)

Vegetable curry € 17,50

various fresh vegetables in an Indian curry and coconut sauce. Served with a pappadum, raita and wild rice